About Okinawa

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    The origin of the place name “Okinawa (Okinawa)” is a theory originating from “Oki (fish)” (place) meaning “fishing ground of Okinawa” (Inami Pompei) and “The place in the offing There is a theory that originates from “Oki (distant place)” (place) “meaning” a distant place “, and Hayato Higasen, but neither has been established.
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    Okinawa is a prefecture located at the southernmost tip of Japan and consists of 363 islands, with Okinawa main island being the center.

    The islands in the vast waters of about 1,000 km east-west and about 400 km north and south are Japan’s premier resort areas sandwiched between the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. More specifically…[ 続きを読む ]

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