Korean wartime workers’ problem after that

I ordered Japanese companies to compensate for former recruitment workers and former volunteers of the Supreme Court of Korea. And forcibly enforce the assets of Japanese companies in Korea.
By the way, it is a worker who applied for recruitment of this company and worked.
And salary has been paid. It is not a lawsuit of unpaid wages.
It is simply the Korean Supreme Court ruling that Koreans can compensate damages if they feel complaints of Japanese companies.

A worker fell into a hole. The president buried.

Surprise news discovery. Events in Shenyang, China. In case

Quoted https://news.sina.com.cn/s/2019-02-15/doc-ihqfskcp5332649.shtml
The incident occurred on May 31, 2018. 8 o’clock in the morning, after Zhang Tengyi’s garbage collection station was assembled, Zhang Tian took the three workers, Xue Mou, Zhang and Zhao to the factory to pull the pipe. · · · ·







Speaking Korean National Assembly Speech, said, I will not say it

Bloomberg uploaded the actual interview voice on Twitter. He was the usual Korean.

Korea is reliable. I said that it is a future-oriented relationship with Japan.

If you say backwards like future-oriented. “The Korean military joint staff headquarters said the Self-Defense Force patrol aircraft approached the Korean Navy’s warship at a low altitude of 540 meters at a height of about 540 meters around the reef of Io Island in the East China Sea around 2:03 pm on 23rd, I announced that I believe that the threatening flight to be done is an obvious provocation act. “In fact the same is said on January 18 and 22, too. This is written in Korean textbooks and you can create statues around the world.

We will consider sanctions against Korea, we will inform you

The Japan – South Korea Foreign Ministers’ Meeting scheduled to be held during the World Economic Forum to be held in Switzerland is information that ends after telling the Korean side of the sanctions against Japan.

クリル列島(Кури́льские острова́, Kurilskiye ostrova Kuril Islands)

To say that criticizing strictly means you want to negotiate.

【January 16 AFP】 Russian Sergei Lavrov foreign minister is working again in the annual regular press conference held in Moscow in the capital to resolve the conflict over the Northern Territories with Japan On the other hand, they said that the two countries are still “far from partner” relationship.

Unpublished promises breaking, announcements different from facts

On the 16th, the Defense Ministry of Defense unilaterally announced the contents of the official negotiations by the Japan-Korea defense authorities on Sunday in Singapore on the issue of radar irradiation by the Korean destroyer to the Maritime Self-Defense Force patrol aircraft, He protested that it developed a different claim from the fact, and called for withdrawal.

SOS of a North Korean fishing boat that Japan can not receive

The Japanese Coast Guard in Japan said that he had rescued the North Korean fishing boat, but the Japan Coast Guard in Japan has not received fishing boat rescue signals.
The rescue signal of the North Korean fishing boat in Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) can be received because Korean police ship and fire control radar destroyer can receive it.