Unpublished promises breaking, announcements different from facts

On the 16th, the Defense Ministry of Defense unilaterally announced the contents of the official negotiations by the Japan-Korea defense authorities on Sunday in Singapore on the issue of radar irradiation by the Korean destroyer to the Maritime Self-Defense Force patrol aircraft, He protested that it developed a different claim from the fact, and called for withdrawal.

SOS of a North Korean fishing boat that Japan can not receive

The Japanese Coast Guard in Japan said that he had rescued the North Korean fishing boat, but the Japan Coast Guard in Japan has not received fishing boat rescue signals.
The rescue signal of the North Korean fishing boat in Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) can be received because Korean police ship and fire control radar destroyer can receive it.

Deciding to allow Japanese companies to apply foreclosure assets in Korea due to compensation for Korean workers in wartime

Korea’s Supreme Court Pohang branch decided to approve the company’s application for foreclosure of Korean assets that the plaintiff’s representative was conducting in a former contractor case filed by the Supreme Court of Korea ordered Nippon Steel Sumikin. I wonder if I actually seize it?
In the case of South Korea, even if there are words, it is not like it.

World Bank president Kim resigns on the line of his term

Mr. Kim is an American born in Korea and in 2012 the Obama administration rushed to the World Bank. Cooperative financing with Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) led by China is a position that coordination with China is indispensable for stable operation of funds.
I think. Just because AIIB is not enough funds, we also receive loans from the World Bank and lend it to other countries, and the territory of that country. You can stop the flow of money in the Trump US administration.

Radar irradiation incident for fire control

In the Japan Sea’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) on the afternoon of 20th, the Korean Navy ‘Kwangeto Dwan’ class destroyer sent twice to the maritime P1 patrol aircraft control radar used for launching missiles and guns Over the course of a few minutes, the actions of South Korean destroyers destroy the exploration activities of China submarines (in Japan-US collaboration), divide the Japan-US partnership and benefit China.

TPP enter into force

The Pacific Rim Partnership Agreement (TPP), which includes 11 countries including Japan, took effect 30th. A new economic zone that occupies 13% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) and has a regional population exceeding 500 million is born.


I will withdraw the previous lie. Trust the new lie.

I see

Firearm control radar video by Korean naval vessel

Published a movie taken at the P-1 concerning the case that the firearm control radar for P-1 (Atsugi) belonging to the Maritime Self-Defense Force Fourth Aviation Group was irradiated from the Korean Navy “Kwangeto Dwan” class destroyer

Chinese fishing boats in Japan EEZ escape while placing more than dozens of staff of the Japan Fisheries Agency

According to the Fisheries Agency, on November 5, a Japanese ship suspected of illegal operation was found in Japan’s EEZ off the western coast of Kagoshima prefecture and on-site inspection was carried out, and escaped while carrying over a dozen staff It is said.