The WTO said, “Proof food safety other than numbers.”

Korea completely bans the import of marine products from eight prefectures including Fukushima after the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. After the nuclear accident, 54 countries and regions temporarily restricted the import of Japanese food. It continues in 23 countries and regions. I do not know why it is the Japanese government or the government office, but I took it to the World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute resolution only for Korea, which has embarked on seafood. And the senior committee of the second trial “is investigating the safety based on the measured value (of radioactive material) in the product sample only” Japan is. It is natural, though. However, he supports Korea’s argument that “the WTO tentatively allows regulation if there is insufficient scientific evidence on food safety”. In other words, if you want to export, the WTO should prove food safety based on numbers. I think that would be the case.